How To Grill Chicken Breast Halves?

Important Tips To Follow On How To Grill Chicken Breast Halves? The chicken breast halves are often seen as one of the hardest types of meats you can grill properly. This does not mean that you cannot get it right. You need to grill the chicken breast correctly and you will get to enjoy one of the best-grilled meats ever.

Grill Chicken Breast Halves

You can grill with direct heat because of the thinner meat cut that would make the meat to easily cook quickly, but it can often be tricky to do the same for the chicken breast. This is because you can end up drying the outer breast meat more than required.

Another challenging thing that you are likely to encounter while grilling chicken breasts should be that the chicken skin comes with a lot of fat. You might have to get yourself a squirt bottle full of water to help deal with the dropping of fat on the burner shields.

Let us get to check out the process on how to handle the chicken breast halves delicacy by grilling.

Important Tips To Follow On How To Grill Chicken Breast Halves

What You’ll Need

These are the supplies you need for the whole process. You should be good to go when you have all the items listed in the list below.

  • Kosher salt
  • Chicken breast halves
  • Black pepper
  • Gas grill
  • Squirt bottle
  • Tongs
  • Meat thermometer


1. The Right Grilling Technique

Like stated before, grilling the breast chicken halves is not going to be so easy. You have to find the right technique so that you can get the job done correctly. You have to use the zone temperature method for the grilling. This can be easy to achieve with your gas grill, as you will always precisely control the temperatures on the various parts of the grill.

Start by preheating one half of the grill with high heat setting while the other half set on the medium low temperature. Make sure to check the controls of your grill, as they will vary from one model to another.

2. Grill With The High Heat Side

With the grill properly heated by now, you can place the chick breast on the side with high heat. Make sure to keep the side with the skin on the grill first. You will have to keep your squirt bottle ready with you so that you can put out any flare-ups that might arise when it comes to dropping of fat.

Let the side with the skin grill for about 5 minutes while keeping the lid open. This is important so that you can help with the browning of the skin to make the final grilled breast look great.

3. Grill On The Cooler Side

With your tongs, proceed to move the chicken breast to the cool side of the grill with minimal heat. You still have to keep the skin side down on the grill. This time you get to grill the breasts with the lid closed for about 7 minutes.

After the 7 minutes are over, open the lid of the grill and turn the chicken breast over to the other side without the skin. Move it back to the part with more heat of the grill. Let the other side of the chicken breast to cook for 6 minutes with the lid open this time.

Move the breast to the cooler side to continue the grilling process just like you did for the side that had skin. Let it grill for 7 minutes with the lid closed.

4. Check The Temperatures

The temperature is important to understand if the chicken breast is ready for flipping over and also cooking. You have to get an instant read meat thermometer for this process. Proceed to stick it into the thickest part of the chicken breast. Make sure it does not hit the bone. Make sure that you look for a temperature close to 160 degrees. You might have to grill for longer to make sure they are well cooked before serving.

Grill Chicken Breast Halves


With the right amount of heat, you should be in a position to enjoy some of the best-grilled chicken breast halves. Do not worry if you get a bit of char on the meat due to the burning of the skin, but you can always get better with time. Go ahead to share your comments and questions below, and they will be answered.