Molto Bene COVID-19 Message

Molto Bene takes pride in the protection of its customers.  In connection with this protection we are doing the following concerning COVID-19.

  1. The safety of our Patrons and all our Employees is our top priority.
  2. The close monitoring and following all protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and all local protocols to assure and safeguard our Patrons and Employees.
  3. The restaurant will do whatever is necessary that may be required by the WHO, CDC, or state, regional or local health departments.
  4. Our food service safety measures have been augmented and strengthened. In addition, our regular cleaning and sanitation of the restaurant has been fortified to the needs of effective procedures concerning COVID-19.
  5. Please excuse any actions that we are taking in order to clean and sanitize surfaces, chairs, menus, door handles, restrooms, credit card readers, and any other areas or items that come to our attention.


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation during this time.  The actions the restaurant is taking we hope improves your comfort and dining experience.


The restaurant will continue to work and adjust our systems to maintain a clean and sanitized environment.  The restaurant of course wishes you a healthy experience during this period of adjustment.  


Thank you.