There are so many articles about air fryer reviews and how to choose the best air fryer. If you have an interest in buying one of the air fryers, you may also want to know more about it. In this article, I will tell you some general information about an air fryer as its benefits.

What You Should Know About Air Fryers

So what is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a cooking appliance that helps you to cook food by using hot air circulating around foods in a basket.

This simple but genius technology brings many benefits to everyone from busy parents, people on diet to teenagers and the elderly.

What are the most significant features of an air fryer?

No Oil Needed:

As you can see from the working mechanism of an air fryer as it uses air to cook food; therefore, there is no need to use oil for fries or chicken wings. No or less oil means healthier eating. People who are on a strict diet can still enjoy many delicious foods without excessive oil. The delicious dishes made from the air fryer will taste even better if you enjoy them with bottles of wine, champagne, or chilled beer from the beverage cooler right in your home.

Cooking is also cleaner and easier when there is no oil involved. You don’t have to clean the surface filled with splashed oil. The atmosphere in the kitchen is cooler and more convenient when you cook with an air fryer because there is no heating oil.

It is also one of the most versatile cooking appliances that it allows you to bake, grill and toast with many different kinds of foods such as fries, chicken wings and even sandwiches.

Timer and Temperature:

Another feature of an air fryer is that it helps you to set up time automatically. You don’t need to stand near the foods to regularly turn sides and check if they are cooked. Also when it finishes cooking, it will make a beep sound to let you know and automatically turn off. With oven, sometimes if you do not take the foods out on time, it will burn.

You also don’t have to preheat an air fryer like what you do with an oven. When the air fryer is turned on, it will instantly heat up.

The temperature is also adjustable so you can adjust to cook different dishes, which is another thing you cannot do with a normal pan.

Food Separator:

You may be thrilled to know that you can decrease the cooking time by cooking multiple dishes with this machine. A food separator of an air fryer can help you with that without mixing the taste.

However, you need to make sure that all the different ingredients you put into the basket should share the same temperature settings.

Air Filter

Many people don’t want to fry or grill foods because they are afraid that the smell of the burning oils and fats can go all the way to every corner of the house.

With an air fryer, this is not a problem anymore. First, when cooking, there is a cover to prevent the oil from splashing as well as omitting smell.

Secondly, some air fryers are equipped with integrated air filter that would help to eliminate these strange odors before they can reach the outside.

Easy Clean

It is mentioned above that oils cannot be splashed out of the air fryer; therefore you don’t need to clean oily and messy floor and kitchen surface like you have to do when cooking with pans.

Some of the air fryers can be washed in a dishwashing machine. Just simply place all the parts that need to be washes into the machine.

Some offers the non-stick material which prevents foods and oils from sticking into the basket and other parts.

Cost Effective

An air fryer can be quite expensive when you compare its price to the price of a pan. However, you perform many kinds of cooking methods rather than just frying. You don’t have to buy other cooking appliances to grill or toast.

Cooking with an air fryer helps you save money on oils and on washing detergents. It could be a small amount for now but over time, they sure build up.

It also saves you a lot of time so you can be hand free to do anything else.

Overall, an air fryer is a very helpful kitchen appliance. Everyone can cook many healthy and delicious foods by air fryer, even if they know nothing about cooking. Secondly, cooking is so easy with an air fryer: there is a food separator to cook multiple foods; there are timer and temperature settings to ensure the best time and heat for your foods. Finally, cleaning and washing after cooking with it are easier and quicker as well.

It is very beneficial for anyone who is on diet, for parents who are extremely busy and for teenagers and the elderly to be able to cook for them. With all of these benefits, an air fryer is one of the most essential kitchen appliances that every home should have.

Through the years, both as a homemaker and a cook, I’ve used my fair share of kitchen appliances.