Check out our new Power Air Fryer XL manual today and start cooking like a pro tomorrow. The Power Air Fryer XL is a great kitchen appliance for those looking to eat healthier. The manual gives detailed instructions on how to use and care for your fryer, as well as recipes you can try. One feature that makes this air fryer stand out from others is its ability to cook foods without oil, making it a healthier alternative than traditional frying methods. This feature also means less mess in the kitchen when preparing food! If you’re interested in purchasing an air fryer with these benefits and many more, be sure to read our blog post about this product or contact us today.

Power Air Fryer XL Manual

Besides, the Power Air Fryer XL reset button is a safety feature to avoid overflying food. For example, if your fryer is giving off an unpleasant smell, the timer might not have counted down, and the fryer could be on too high of a setting. The reset button will turn it off until you restart it at a lower heat level or pressure, ensuring that your food does not overcook.

The Power Air Fryer XL manual is a comprehensive guide to the use of your air fryer. It includes everything you need to know about cooking, cleaning, and preserving the life of your appliance. If you’re new to using an air fryer or want some new recipes, this manual is for you!

Power Air Fryer XL Manual: Safety information

  1. The Power AirFryer is not waterproof and should never be submerged underwater. It contains electronic components as well as a heating element; do not rinse it with running water or any other liquid substance.
  2. To avoid electric shocks, never pour any liquids into the fryer’s casing. This is where all of its electronic components are located, and you could damage them if they get wet.
  3. To protect yourself from an electric shock, make sure your appliance’s cable and plug are undamaged. In addition, make sure they were packaged securely when you first opened the product.
  4. The plug must be inserted into the socket, or you will not get any electricity.
  5. The Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL needs a room in the frying basket to allow for even heating. Too much food can cause uneven cooking and may result in overcooking or undercooking your meal.
  6. Sometimes, overheating can occur if the air vents on the rear side of an appliance are blocked during use. If this happens and the cooking function fails, it would cause a fire or explosion in your home, which could be very dangerous to you and others.
  7. Carefully avoid pouring oil into the outer frying basket. This can lead to flames and injuries if not done with care.
  8. To prevent any injuries, it is important to avoid touching the inside of an appliance that has reached several hundred degrees. Once you’ve finished using your oven or stovetop and have allowed time for them to cool down, make sure they aren’t touched by yourself or others until then!
  9. The product is not intended for use by children under the age of eight and people with decreased physical or mental capabilities. People must be supervised when using this appliance and understand possible dangers if they are inexperienced or lack knowledge about appliances like these. It should also only be cleaned by an adult who understands how to do so safely because children can’t clean it without supervision. Children should stay away from both the appliance itself, and its cable connection until a responsible adult supervises them while cleaning it.
  10. Ensure that children are not in the vicinity of the appliance or power cable while it is operating, as well as when you’re waiting for it to cool down.
  11. Never plug in the power cable or operate the control panel if you have wet hands. Also, keep your cord away from surfaces that get hot, like a stove, heater, etc.
  12. Never connect your appliance directly to the timer or use an extension cord, which may cause a fire.
  13. We should never use the appliance near flammable materials such as tablecloths or curtains.
  14. When operating the appliance, be sure to keep it at least 5 cm away from walls and other appliances. Do not place anything on top of your Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL or push into a tight space where there is no room for air circulation around it.
  15. When the fryer starts to heat up, steam is released from small vents. Make sure your hands and face aren’t near these as they release hot air when you remove the frying basket. Also, when removing it, be extra careful about excessive heat because of how quickly everything heats up with this appliance!
  16. When the fryer is in use, its casing becomes hot. Additionally, both the outer basket and frying basket can also become very hot during operation. To prevent burns from touching these pieces of equipment without oven gloves or stable cloths to protect your hands, it’s best that you wear an oven glove for protection against heat when using this appliance.
  17. If your appliance emits black smoke, unplug it immediately from the mains. Then, remove only the outer basket and frying basket when no further smoke is escaping to prevent damage.
  18. Only use the appliance on a stable, horizontal surface. Do not place it near flammable materials or leave it in an area with high humidity, as this may lead to overheating and fire hazards.
  19. When you’re finished cooking, unplug the Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL to save energy and protect against overheating.
  20. To clean the appliance, start by letting it cool down for at least 30 minutes after use. Then you can begin to wipe any dust off of its surface before placing it in a cupboard or on another shelf.
  21. The Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL comes with a built-in protective switch that shuts the appliance off immediately once the outer frying basket has been removed.

Power Air Fryer XL Manual: Safety features

Automatic Switch-Off:

The air fryer has an integrated timer that deactivates it automatically after a process is completed. You can switch the air fryer off manually by pressing either the “timer” button or the on-off button until you see zero displayed, and then wait for 20 seconds before switching back on again.

Power Supply:

To ensure your Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL works properly, it should only be connected to a not overloaded circuit. For example, using an extension cord can cause the appliance to malfunction due to overloading because too much electricity is used at once.

Overheating Protection System:

If the internal temperature control system malfunctions, your appliances protection systems will be activated. It won’t work anymore, and you’ll have to unplug it from the outlet. Let everything cool completely before restarting or putting it away in storage.

Sliding Button Guard & The Basket Release Button

While the sliding button guard may prevent you from pressing the basket release accidentally, it is not fool-proof. If this happens and your hands are in harm’s way, injuries can occur. To ensure safety while using these appliances, place them on a surface that won’t cause harm if they fall over or burn through something like paper towels. After placing either of these items onto your countertop, press down firmly until the click to make sure it’s locked into position before touching any buttons. Else injury could result from an unprepared item falling over unexpectedly, causing possible burns to be inflicted when reaching around during an unexpected freefalling situation, so be careful!

Use Of The Digital Control Panel:

On-Off Button:

Once the appliance is locked into place, a timer will count down, and the heating element will turn on. Pressing it again before 15 minutes passes stops cooking time automatically, while pressing once more resets the countdown clock resetting the heat back to 190°C for another fifteen-minute cycle. Once 20 seconds have passed after turning off light switches, all components of this fryer are turned off completely by an internal safety mechanism in order to prevent overheating or fire hazards should one forget their food was being cooked at high temperatures inside here.

Timer Control Buttons:

To quickly change the cooking time, hold down a button. To slowly increase or decrease this amount of time, use + and – symbols on the panel dial.

Temperature Control Display:

To change the temperature, use the +/- to adjust it by 5°C increments. If you hold this button down for a few seconds, then let go of it will change your oven’s heat very quickly. The smallest degree increment is 1°C and can be set anywhere from 80-200 degrees Celsius (180–390 degrees Fahrenheit).

Menu Button:

To select the default cooking preparation programs, press Menu. The desired food will automatically begin to be prepared at a pre-set time and temperature. If you want to change any of these settings, simply increase or decrease them while you’re in that program’s menu screen until they are set how you like the best!

Default Cooking Preparation Programmes:

Power AirFryer XL (4 Programmes):

Want to eat healthier? Then you should try the Power AirFryer XL. It comes with four different programs that will help cook your favorite dishes: French fries, chicken, steak, or fish!

Power AirFryer XXL/XXXL (7 Programmes):

The Power AirFryer XXL/XXXL (7 Programmes) is a versatile appliance that comes with 7 pre-programmed settings: French Fries, Roasts, Shrimps, Baking (cakes/pastries), Chicken Steak, and Fish.

Time and Temperature:

This display keeps track of the full preparation time, how much longer until it’s complete, and what temperature we’ve reached.

Fan Display:

As soon as the oven is in “cooking” or “preheat” mode, a red star-shaped LED symbol appears on display. A fan also turns on to ensure that temperatures are even throughout your food before cooking begins and then goes off approximately 20 seconds after you switch it off.

Cooking with the Power AirFryer, without default preparation programs:

You can prepare your own recipes with the Power AirFryer without using any of its default settings. To do this, simply set a time and temperature that you desire for cooking on it.

Preheating the Power AirFryer:

To get the most out of your Power AirFryer, preheat it for 2-3 minutes before using it. You can do this by setting the appliance to its default or a higher temperature and inserting an empty frying basket into the casing.

Never pour oil or any other fluid into the outer frying basket. This can cause you to get scalded by hot grease and flames, which is extremely dangerous!

Power Air Fryer XL Manual: General Directions For Use

Prior to first-time use:

The first step in putting the appliance together is removing any and all pieces of information like stickers, labels, or packaging. Once done, you should wash both parts separately with warm soapy water because they’re dishwasher safe! Afterward, wipe it down thoroughly inside and out, as well as clean off the casing to make sure everything’s nice and all ready for use. Finally, don’t forget that this fryer only uses hot air, so never fill up oil into it before using your own mixture.

  • The appliance should be placed on a surface that is stable, level, and heat-resistant.
  • If you want to cook fried food, put the frying basket into the outer basket and let it snap into place.
  • The outer frying basket is pushed into the casing to make a “click” sound when engaged. The appliance will work when the outer basket is correctly inserted.
  • Plug the appliance into a socket while not using an extension cable or multiplug socket.
  • The middle of the frying basket, to the left and right, has fine guiding rails for inserting a divider. Please insert it into the guide rail in order to make evenly fried foods.
  • Only Deluxe versions of the Power Air Fryer are equipped with an interchangeable tray. The baking dish and bread tin can be inserted into either basket, depending on which you prefer to use at any given time. However, only one should ever be used in each frying basket for safety reasons; never place both trays within a single outer fryer!

Please note:

  • Do not place anything on top of the appliance.
  • Also, never cover the air vents on or behind the Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL.
  • To use the appliance as a steamer, cook fish by placing an oven-proof bowl of water inside your frying basket. Be careful not to pour any water directly into the outer frying basket!

Frying with your new power air fryer XL/XXL/XXXL:

While removing the outer basket from its casing, you will feel a slight resistance. Place your hand on top of the casing and gently pull it out with care.

If you accidentally press the release button, a basket will fall out. This can be dangerous if your appliance isn’t on a flat, heat-resistant surface. To prevent this from happening, we added the sliding guard to ensure safety while cooking!

Please note:

To prevent scalding, be sure to use an oven glove when you’re holding the outer frying basket. Then place your food into the inner one and lower it down carefully into hot oil or fat in a saucepan.

As we all know, you can’t be too careful when using the oven. For example, if you overload the basket with food items, it could affect how well your cooking goes or even cause a malfunction of heating elements which will result in poor quality output.

It should be clear that you cannot use the outer frying basket without inserting it into its casing, but to make sure there is no mistake, a “clicking” sound indicates when the two have connected and are safe for cooking.

To reduce the chance of injury, be sure to have a heat-resistant base nearby on which you can place your outer frying basket. Also, wear oven gloves when checking food preparation in order to avoid injuries caused by high temperatures.

Power Air Fryer XL Manual: Initial Operation

  1. Please plug the appliance into a socket to activate it.
  2. To use the cooking appliance, turn it on by pressing the On/Off button once.
  3. Set the temperature and time if you want to set a program or select one of the pre-set programs.
  4. To start the cooking process, press the on-off button once.

Please note:

You can remove the frying basket from the appliance during cooking preparation to see how much your food is already cooked. If you want to preheat, follow the instructions on page 16. The appliance heats up very quickly due to rapid hot-air technology and never pulls it out of the oven too fast because that will disrupt the cooking process! Use this manual’s tables for correct settings.

Shaking For Consistent Cooking:

In order to ensure consistent cooking, it is necessary to shake some foods during the process. To do this, simply remove the outer frying basket and inner fryer from your air fryer; then gently shake up whatever you want until cooked through and slide back in.

To fry heavier foods such as chicken or fries, you need to remove the outer frying basket and place it on a heat-resistant surface. Now slide the movable guard-forward in order for you access to free up the release button of your Power Air fryer XL/XXL/XXXL unit. Then press down on (2) and carefully lift out your inner cooking basket from its housing base before shaking off any excess oil with paper towels, then return it back into its original position within that same appliance when completed frying all food items required.

For heavier foods, you may prefer to separate the frying basket from the outer one before shaking them inside together after removing both pieces by pressing buttons two times each consecutively while holding onto handlebars at the bottom.

When frying, always be sure to wear oven gloves. The outer basket is very hot when you do this process, so it will burn your hands if you aren’t careful. Also, never remove the sliding button guard during shaking, as that can accidentally release the fryer’s inner lid and cause an accident!

To prepare perfectly crispy foods every time, set the timer for half of your cooking time and place them in a frying basket. When it goes off, shake up your food to get that beautiful golden brown crust you want!

Audio signal at the end of the cooking time:

When you hear the timer’s audio signal, the pre-set cooking time has expired. Now remove the outer frying basket from your appliance and place it on a heat-resistant surface. Once off of the heating element, to release foods move forward with a sliding button guard.

The Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL allows you to make several tasty dishes, one after the other. To get started, lift up your frying basket and press the release button (2). Then turn it over carefully so that all of its contents can slide out easily onto a plate for safe removal. Next, use kitchen utensils like spatulas or spoons to remove larger foods and scrape off excess oil from the bottom with any smooth surface until everything is clean again. When finished, never stand your outer cooking basket on top while there’s still food inside! If this happens, then too much grease will drip right down into what you are serving next, which might ruin each dish and anyone’s appetite for more delicious eats afterward.

  • You can customize your settings to your liking when you know how the appliance works.
  • The air inside the appliance heats up very quickly due to hot-air technology. Never pull out the frying basket from your cooking device too fast, as it will disturb and disrupt how food cooks in a serious way.

User Tips:

  • Smaller items usually require a shorter cooking time than larger ones.
  • Cooking larger portions of food takes longer than cooking smaller ones.
  • The shaking of smaller sized portions reduces the risk that the foods will be burnt or overcooked.
  • The best way to cook fresh potatoes is by adding vegetable oil immediately before the start of cooking. It will help you achieve crispy results every time.
  • The Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL is great for making snacks because all of the snacks that can be made in an oven can also be cooked with it.
  • Ready-made dough from the supermarket can be used to make filled snacks quickly and easily. The ready-made dough requires less cooking time than homemade dough, so it’s a great option when you’re short on time or want something easy for dinner that night.
  • When making a cake or quiche, place a baking tray inside the frying basket to prevent them from sticking. This is recommended when preparing soft and filling foods.
  • The Power AirFryer XL/XXL/XXXL is able to reheat meals with its heating element. Set it at 140 °C for 10 minutes, and you’ll be good to go.

Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button:

There are several ways to reset the Power AirFryer XL. Resetting will put your Power Air Fryer XL back to default settings, including turning on all cooking sensors such as the temperature sensor, air circulation fan, hot air light, and choose preset buttons like pizza or French fries (if you have these presets selected). Resetting can help resolve problems with features not working properly.

The Reset button on this device can be found on the right side underneath the digital screen. The small Reset button is a light grey color (similar to a pencil eraser).

Reset Button Instructions:

Step 1:

Make sure that you have unplugged the power cord from the outlet before beginning any of these steps. This will ensure that no electricity goes through the system while we are resetting it.

Step 2:

Remove any food that may be present in your Power AirFryer XL device.

Step 3:

Reset by unplugging the fryer for an extended period of time, then replugging it.

Step 4:

The power cord is disconnected from the unit. Now plug it in again and turn it ON at the outlet. Plug your fryer in a different outlet that you know is working properly.

Step 5:

Reset the fryer by pressing and releasing the Reset button on the side of the unit. You will know that your Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button has been activated when you see a “c” flash on the digital display screen. Resetting will put all settings back to default (including presets) and cooking sensors ON.

This should resolve all issues you were having with cooking with your fryer! If not, there may be another issue present, so we recommend calling or emailing us to get help further! Thank you for reading (and hopefully following) these Reset Button Instructions for use with your Power AirFryer XL device! Have a wonderful day!


As you can see, the Power Air Fryer XL manual has a lot to offer. If you want more information on how it works and what other recipes are available for cooking healthier meals with this appliance, download your free copy today! Don’t forget to include our air fryer in your kitchen essentials list for those of us looking to eat better while still enjoying delicious food.