Is The Air Fryer Really Worthy To Fry Stuff?

Is The Air Fryer Really Worthy To Fry Stuff? The taste of deep-fried foods is excellent. But it absorbs so much oil so it may be liked by you but in addition, there is a presence of significant amount of fat. The highly promoted Philips air fryer give the guaranty that their air fryer fries food using 80 % less oil. But what is the taste of these fried foods? Over the few days, it has been being tested to find out the actual outcome.

Is The Air Fryer Really Worthy To Fry Stuff

When the test of Air fryer has come out, many of my co-workers were instantly doubtful. “How on this planet can you fry something without oil?” they wondered. The response, of course, was that you can’t. This cooking appliance uses a hot air by a fan with a top grill to heat the food from all sides. It is just like a small oven with a fan and resides on your cupboard.

While the Air fryer comes with a recipe guide, there’s little question that making fried food is its main task? Frozen readymade fried foods are recommended because there is already a presence of a little bit of oil. So these will be crispier than normally sliced potatoes. Just you put these frozen foods into the basket, set the timer, rounded it once in the mid of cooking time and got crispy chips. At a time, you can cook maximum 750g food if you cook less also get the good result. It creates so much sound because of its fan.

Making fried food is the air fryer’s main task?

When we tried some thinly cut potatoes at the first time the result was good. But I cannot say it boldly that it cooked anything different from the cooking on the oven. There were few potatoes which was not cooked properly and without reheated it there was no way to eat. Though the result was not so much unsatisfactory, but it was not that we expected.

But when we cooked some of thinly cut and pre-seasoned potato, got the better result. That time we got more crispy potatoes and the office staff ate all of it within a few minutes. So it can be easily realized that this device is more suitable for thinly cut foods.

Later I also tried many fried foods in the air fryer for testing the outcome. To make chicken nuggets in the air fryer needed less time than the conventional oven and also gave much better crispiness than the sluggish microwave oven. We also tried veal steak which outcome was good but in this case I prefer grill to get the better result since it contains juiciness better than air fryer. Also cooked some haloumi and it gave nice output but took more time than on barbeque or in the fry pan.

The air fryer is quite large to grab space in our kitchen. To clean the unit after making snacks was so easy, although you have to wait until it becomes cool before trying to clean it.


In conclusion, it can be stated that purchasing the best Chicken Fryers ($200 – $300) not make sense as I personally do not eat so much deep fried food. Moreover, if in your kitchen has a fan forced oven, it would also be extremely worthless.

However, if you have a small family and have no oven, you also want something that will be easily moveable than oven and you eat lots of fried foods, then it would create a lot of sense.