A gastronomic revolution is taking place right now. Despite the increasing availability of prepared and processed meals, we are collectively returning to our kitchens to add fresh taste and a handmade touch to our diets. The food processor has been one of the most useful kitchen gadgets, converting basil into pesto and tomatoes into salsas at the touch of a button.

How To Make The Most Of Your Food Processor

However, many of the larger versions are heavy, loud, and difficult to clean, not to mention that they are frequently too large for the needs of a small family. Enter the best-kept secret weapon you’ve never heard of! The food processor has all of the strength and force of a traditional food processor, but it’s smaller and easier to operate.

The Cuisinart food processor collection, a range of compact food processors with different capacities that are ideal for grinding and chopping with ease, is one of our favorites. Here are some of our favorite ways to utilize our food processor, as well as why we can’t imagine life without it!


Hummus is one of the most amazing foods we’re eating right now! Chickpeas and a few additional ingredients to taste are used to make this Middle Eastern dip. It’s a popular addition to our normal shopping cart. Still, we’ve discovered that our processor can create the ideal tiny quantity for a delicious treat at home, eliminating the need for excursions to the store.

We’ve opened a can of chickpeas and are ready to eat (tip: you can also substitute a can of white beans for a twist or in a pinch). Squeezed half a lemon, added tahini (optional), salt, and pepper, and blended until smooth. It’s a perfect time to add your favorite flavors – olives, roasted red pepper, pesto – and it couldn’t be easier.

Getting Saucy

In addition to hummus, the food processor is ideal for whipping up a quick dip or sauce. Using the processor to swiftly slice raw veggies to stir into Greek yogurt with some dill or even using the fast blades to combine up a quick pesto to sprinkle over pasta have been some of our faves.

A Whipped Topping That Is Better

Who doesn’t enjoy a rich, luscious whipped cream? Make your own heavy whipping cream with a dash of vanilla and additional sugar, if preferred, instead of buying it in a can. You’ll have a flawlessly whipped topping for fruit, pastries, or a good cup of cocoa in only a few pulses.

Butter Me Up

Herbed butter, which combines a softened stick of butter with herbs and flavorings, is one of the latest culinary fads, promising to infuse your dish with new taste and depth. The food processor is ideal for swiftly combining the two, with no need for elbow grease.

Chopping Up My Time

Raise your hand if you enjoy onion cutting! Is there no one? By quartering an onion and allowing your secret weapon to handle the hard job, you can avoid (or at least speed up!) the tears. You’ll get all the onion you need in seconds without the stinky hands or tear streaks down your cheeks. This method also works for a variety of other veggies.

A food processor has a plethora of applications that may make it one of the finest purchases you can make for your kitchen, saving you time and bother while also making your life a bit healthier.Making your meals fresh enables you to avoid unneeded fillers in your food, such as excessive sugars or preservatives found in pre-packaged foods. With one of these powerful machines on your counter, you can’t go wrong. Now, if it could just cook for us as well!