Who doesn’t love deep-fried Oreos? These sweet treats are always a hit at parties and sporting events, but they can be difficult to make. If you want to enjoy the deliciousness of fried Oreos without all the mess and fuss of deep frying them in oil, then an air fryer is your best solution!

In this blog post, we will teach you how to make deep fried Oreos in an air fryer with just a few easy steps. Not only does this method save time and money, it will also give you perfectly cooked Oreos every single time for that classic crunch on the outside and soft texture on the inside. So read on to learn everything you need to know about making delectable air-fried Oreos!

What are Oreos?

What are Oreos

If you’ve ever wondered what Oreos are, you’re in for a treat. Produced by Nabisco, a division of Mondelēz International, Oreos date back to 1912 in New York City. In some countries, they’re even called Oreo Biscuits.

These beloved cookies comprise two delicious chocolate wafers, with a scrumptious cream filling in between. Today, Oreos come in many variations, including Original, Golden, Double Stuf, Mega Stuf, and Max.

And they’ve garnered a massive following over the years. In fact, the estimated consumption of Oreos worldwide has reached a staggering 200 billion. That’s how popular they are! So, if you haven’t tried an Oreo yet, why not indulge in one of the world’s most iconic cookies?

What is Oreos made out of?

What is Oreos made out of

Fans of the famous chocolate sandwich cookie often wonder what Oreos are made of. The answer: two dark cocoa-flavored cookies with a sweet creme filling in the center. This treat has been a fan favorite since 1912, and the classic Oreo has been joined by a variety of flavors including Golden, Double Stuf, Birthday Cake, Watermelon, Firework, and Pumpkin Spice, among others.

So, what are the ingredients in an Oreo? They include enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate [vitamin B1], riboflavin [vitamin B2], folic acid), sugar, high oleic canola oil or palm oil, cocoa (processed with alkali), high fructose corn syrup, leavening (baking soda and/or calcium phosphate), salt, soy lecithin, and vanillin – an artificial flavor. It’s worth noting that Oreos are made in a facility that also processes peanuts.

Oreo updated their ingredients in 2016 to exclude genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In terms of packaging, Oreos can be found as individual cookies (typically 10 per package), double stuffed Oreos (20 cookies per package), or in a variety pack that includes Double Stuf cookies, Mega Stuf (an extra-large creme filling), Fudge Covered Oreos, Mint Oreos, and Oreo Thins.

With a crunchy cookie exterior and a sweet filling, it’s no wonder Oreos are enjoyed by so many.

Why Are Oreos Black?

The black color of Oreos serves a purpose – it provides more contrast on the shelves compared to other products, making them appear brighter and more eye-catching. Brown and red colorings combine to create a grayish color that can be seen near the surface of an Oreo before adding any liquids. Oreos come in various shapes and flavors, including small bite-size versions, double-stuffed Oreos, and Reese’s cup Oreos with candy bars inside.

Is Oreo Cream Made of Pig Fat?

Oreo cookies consist of two biscuit halves filled with a sweet creme center. Although the original recipe contained a lard-based filling, Nabisco switched to a partially hydrogenated vegetable oil base in the 1990s. Oreos come in various versions, including Oreo Fudge Crèmes and Oreo Double Stuffs.

Why Are Oreos Not Vegan?

Oreos contain lactose, a milk-derivative, making them unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians. The packaging also explains that Oreos may contain traces of nuts, eggs, soy, and gluten as they are processed on the same production line as non-vegan foods.

What is the White Stuff in Oreos?

Surprisingly, there is no dairy in Oreos – they contain no milk, cream, or butter and do not require refrigeration. The filling consists of sugar, palm and/or canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin (emulsifier), and artificial flavor.

What Are the Nutritional Facts of Oreos?

A serving size of 6 Oreos contains 270 calories or 45 calories per cookie. Almost half of these calories come from carbohydrates, while 16.5 are from fat. Each cookie provides 4% of the recommended daily intake for adults and 9g of sugar. Different flavors vary in the amount of carbohydrates they contain, with chocolate fudge containing 13 grams and mint containing 25 grams. It’s worth noting that while each serving size varies drastically depending on the flavor, 3 chocolate chip cookies provide 43 calories with no additional nutritional benefits compared to one plain sandwich cookie without cream cheese.

So next time you enjoy an Oreo, remember the fascinating facts behind this iconic cookie!

What You Need To Make Deep Fried Oreos in an Air Fryer:

You will need a few simple ingredients to make deep fried Oreos in an air fryer. The items you’ll need include a package of Oreo cookies, oil, and some confectioners sugar for garnishing your dish at the end. Additionally, you’ll need a basting brush for spreading the oil onto the Oreo before putting it into the air fryer basket.

How to make deep fried Oreos in Air Fryer?

How to cook deep fried Oreos in Air Fryer

Oreo is a favorite snack and dessert all over the world. Whether you like Oreo or not, we can’t deny the fact that Oreo is tasty and delicious when coming with several different flavors such as white chocolate Oreo, mint Oreo, peanut butter Oreo, and etcetera.

But suppose you haven’t tried out yet to eat Oreos in another way than just eating them with milk or without any drinks. In that case, it’s time for you to start this experience with making Oreos into crispy treats by using air deep fryer.

As we know, an air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses a rapid hot air circulation method to cook food faster and healthier compared with an oven or deep fryer. Oreo is not the only food you can cook in air fryer, but also many other kinds of snacks such as Kentucky fried chicken, spring roll, takoyaki, etcetera. But for this time, we would like to teach you how to make Oreos into crispy treats.

Deep fried Oreos recipe:

  • Total time: 20 min
  • Active time: 20 min
  • Yield: 8 cookies


  • 8 Oreo Cookies.
  • 1 cup flour.
  • 2 tbsp cornflour.
  • 2 tablespoons sugar.
  • 1 cup water or milk.
  • 1 cup pancake and baking mix, such as Bisquick.
  • 3 cups Bread crumbs.
  • 2 tbsp Oreo powder.
  • 1 large egg.
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.
  • Nonstick cooking spray.
  • Confectioners’ sugar, for dusting.


  1. To make sure your food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the basket, line it with parchment paper and cut 2 sheets, so they will fit just right. Preheat your air fryer 350 degrees before placing these in place!
  2. Whisk together the egg, milk, and vanilla in a medium bowl. Add pancake mix with sugar until smooth. It should be thick enough to coat the cookie without falling apart or spreading too much when cooked on top of each other! Add water or milk to the bread crust and mix well. After that, add cornflour & all dry ingredients to it. Then Make a thick consistent paste by adding water as required. Keep this mixture aside for 10mins. (Basically, we are preparing tempura batter here). If you find that your battery isn’t holding its shape, then add more 1 tablespoon at a time until everything is just right for you (but don’t overdo it!). Finally, drop it into the bread crumbs & coat Oreos well over them by applying pressure. Take Oreo out of breadcrumbs and put Oreo cookie in the Air Fryer basket.
  3. Line the basket of an air fryer with a parchment piece. Spray lightly and dip 8 cookies in batter, letting excess drip back into the bowl while arranging them on the lined baking sheet without touching so that they will stay flat during the cooking process. Air fry at 350 degrees F until golden brown coating has been puffed for 7 minutes, then remove from heat source one by one to allow remaining exposed dough underneath cook before adding more raw ingredients/more oil if necessary depending on how crispy you like your fries!
  4. Dust the fried Oreos with confectioners’ sugar just before serving to make your next snack even more flavorful and crispy.

Adding Garnish and Enhancing Your Dish

After your deep fried Oreos have finished cooking in the air fryer, you can add a few finishing touches to enhance your dish. To start, you can sprinkle confectioners sugar over the Oreos for extra sweetness and texture. Alternatively, you can also use sprinkles or other fun toppings like crushed nuts or chocolate chips. For an added layer of flavor, you can drizzle melted chocolate sauce or caramel sauce over the top of your Oreos as a finishing touch. No matter which garnishes or enhancements you choose, your deep fried Oreos are sure to be a delicious and impressive treat.

Enjoying Your Deep Fried Oreos

Deep fried Oreos is a wonderful way to treat yourself or someone else. This delicious snack can be enjoyed with a favorite beverage, such as hot chocolate or coffee, or simply as a stand-alone treat. The crunchiness of the deep fried Oreo combined with the creamy filling and added garnishes provide an unforgettable textural experience. To make this delicacy even more enjoyable, you can also add some ice cream on the side for an extra sweet treat.

For those watching their sugar intake, there are plenty of lower-sugar options available that still taste amazing! There really is no wrong way to enjoy deep fried Oreos — they will always be a crowd pleaser.

Conclusion: How To Make Deep Fried Oreos In Air Fryer

Making deep-fried Oreos in an air fryer is a delicious and easy way to turn your favorite childhood treat into a fun, delectable snack. Whether you just want a tasty handful of Oreos for yourself or are looking to impress guests with something unique and special, deep-fried Oreos can certainly deliver! With the right ingredients, preparation method, and air fryer times, you can get that classic crunchy taste while still receiving all the benefits of making them a little healthier.

And let’s not forget how much faster it is to use an air fryer versus traditional frying—a definite plus when it comes to deep-fried Oreos! So don’t be afraid to try out this scrumptious twist on a classic dessert. With just a few simple steps and some patience, you’ll be able to enjoy this beloved sweet treat in no time at all.