Air Fryer Rosemary Potatoes: Rosemary Fried Potatoes with Air Fryer

Air Fryer Rosemary Potatoes: Rosemary Fried Potatoes with Air Fryer. If you don’t have an air fryer or didn’t test it yet, my suggestion is “just try it”. Because of excess oil, earlier I didn’t have fried foods too much. Air fryers characteristic of cooking with less oil tempted me to cook in it.

If you are in the mood to cook some potatoes, why not try this Rosemary Fried Potatoes with Air Fryer Recipe. Rosemary is a popular choice for seasoning potatoes for its flavor and can be used both fresh and dried. Cooking potatoes in a way that they retain their original color and texture requires a lot more care. Rosemary has many health benefits and is said to have positive effects on the blood, the heart, the circulatory system, digestion, the nervous system, and the eyesight.

Air Fryer Rosemary Potatoes

When first-time air fryer came at our home, my husband asked me what the item I wanted to cook then was. I answered that I wanted to cook frozen spring rolls for a quick experiment. I thought myself if the gadget could cook this favorably, than it would be OK.

Using Air Fryer tp make Rosemary Potatoes

At first I preheated the air fryer, then sprayed oil on the spring rolls and flipped them in. We were astonished that the rolls had become so hot within six minutes. The frozen spring rolls were evenly crunchy on the outside and hot in the midst. Usually, it takes a time to be easy with a new machine. So, I suggest cooking a short recipe, e. g. potatoes with Rosemary, parmesan cheese and a fried egg.

Previously, I cooked potatoes with Rosemary, parmesan cheese and a fried egg which I like at my breakfast very much but avoided because of excess oil. But, now I can do this on my Ninja Foodi air fryer.

To prepare this firstly, I shuck and chop the potatoes, add the Rosemary and kosher salt. Then I shake up it all together. After being the fryer preheated, I put the potatoes into the air fryer. It takes near about eighteen minutes to cook the potatoes. When it pass four minutes to go, I fry the egg. At the time of cooking potatoes, I can also make coffee. Cooking potatoes take a little bit more time than the spring rolls.

For purchasing a new apparatus, you should ensure that you are buying a popular brand. In this case, I am honestly speaking that, I always choose a highly expensive popular brand. After using this air fryer, I am satisfied. As Philips Air Fryer let me chance to experiment this air fryer, I thank themselves.

Air Fryer Rosemary Potatoes

Another simple Rosemary Potatoes recipe:

To make this recipe use the frying potatoes on a skillet with olive oil and garlic before seasoning with salt and pepper to give them that authentic Rosemary flavor and texture. Place the patties in a single layer in the skillet and brush lightly all over with the olive oil until they are golden brown, and then place them in the air fryer for about five minutes. Turn the oven on and cook in the same manner for about eight to ten minutes. You can also garnish with fresh herbs such as thyme, basil, or oregano and serve immediately.

This recipe also works well if you have some small-sized russet potatoes on hand. Use the same frying method but cut them into half size pieces and place them directly onto the prepared baking sheet – Bake in the preheated oven for about three to four minutes or until they are golden brown. Serve immediately.