How To Cook Air Fryer Honey Soy Chicken Thighs

Air Fryer Honey Soy Chicken Thighs

Crispy, tender and delicious—what’s better than air-fryer honey soy chicken thighs? These honey soy glazed chicken thighs are simple to make and their sticky sweet glaze is truly mouthwatering. Easy enough for beginners yet intricate in flavor, this recipe is the perfect dinner meal or appetizer. Loaded with protein thanks to the high quality chicken thighs used and packed with flavor from the unique combination of ingredients, you’ll be amazed at the juicy taste that will have your guests asking for more!

How To Cook Air Fryer Honey Soy Chicken Thighs
How To Cook Air Fryer Honey Soy Chicken Thighs?

What are the benefits of using an air fryer?

An air fryer is a great kitchen appliance to have for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to deep-frying. This device uses hot, circulated air instead of oil to cook food and seals in the natural juices that would otherwise be lost during traditional deep-frying methods. The result is delicious, crispy meals without all of the extra fat and calories that come along with deep-fried foods. Air fryers also reduce cleanup time since they use little to no oil, making it easier to maintain healthy cooking habits.

Additionally, an air fryer can cook food quickly and evenly due to its unique design – it’s much faster than preheating an oven or stovetop frying pan! Finally, an air fryer requires only a fraction of the energy used to power an oven, making it a great choice for those concerned about their electricity bills. With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why air fryers are becoming a popular appliance in modern kitchens.

Can you cook frozen chicken thighs in an air fryer?

Yes, it is possible to cook frozen chicken thighs in an air fryer. To do this, start by preheating the air fryer for about 3 minutes at 350°F. Then, spray the basket with oil or cooking spray and place the chicken thighs inside. Cook for 20-25 minutes at 400°F, flipping once halfway through. Once cooked all the way through (internal temperature should be 165°F), remove from heat and serve. Keep in mind that cooking times may vary depending on the size of your chicken thighs and how many you are cooking at once. For best results, check regularly during cooking to ensure they are not overcooking or burning!

How to make air fryer chicken thighs with honey soy marinade?

To begin, combine the honey, soy sauce, garlic powder and pepper in a bowl. Then add the chicken thighs to the marinade and move them around to make sure they are evenly coated. Allow the chicken to marinate overnight or for at least two hours before cooking.

When ready to cook, preheat your air fryer according to manufacturer’s instructions. Place the chicken thighs in a single layer in the basket of your air fryer, making sure not to overcrowd them. Cook for 10-15 minutes until cooked through and golden brown on the outside. The internal temperature should be at least 165F (74C).

Let cool slightly before serving with steamed vegetables or a side salad for a delicious and healthy meal.

How to cook the air fryer honey soy chicken thighs?

To prepare the honey soy chicken thighs, you will need 2 lbs of boneless and skinless chicken thighs, 1/3 cup of honey, 1/3 cup of low-sodium soy sauce, 2 cloves garlic (minced), and 1 teaspoon ground ginger.

Begin by preheating your air fryer to 350 degrees F. In a medium bowl, mix together the honey, soy sauce, minced garlic, and ground ginger until everything is evenly combined. Place the chicken thighs in a shallow dish or pan and pour the marinade over them. Make sure that all sides of each thigh are coated generously with the marinade. Allow them to rest for at least 10 minutes before cooking.

Once the air fryer is preheated, place the chicken thighs in the basket of the air fryer. Cook for 10 minutes and then use tongs or a spatula to flip them over. Continue to cook for another 8-10 minutes until they are cooked through and golden brown.

Once done, remove the chicken from the air fryer and serve with your favorite sides such as steamed vegetables or rice.

Can you stack the chicken thighs in the air fryer?

It is not advisable to stack chicken thighs in an air fryer. When you stack the chicken, the top layer will not be exposed to the same amount of heat as the bottom layer. This can lead to unevenly cooked and dry food. To ensure that your chicken thighs are cooked through evenly, it is best to cook them one layer at a time in the air fryer.

If you have an air fryer with multiple layers, then you can cook multiple batches at once without having to stack the chicken thighs. It is important to remember that when cooking batches of food in an air fryer, it is always best practice to keep similar sized pieces together so that they all finish cooking at the same time.

Additionally, make sure that the chicken is evenly spread out in the air fryer to ensure even cooking. Finally, if you are using a biggest air fryer, be sure to check the internal temperature of your food with a thermometer to make sure it is cooked through properly. By following these steps, you can ensure that your chicken thighs come out evenly cooked and delicious every time.

How long should you marinate the chicken thighs for?

The length of time you need to marinate chicken thighs will depend on the type of marinade and how long you want the flavors to infuse into the meat. Generally, marinating for an hour is enough to develop some flavor but for a deeper flavor profile it’s recommended that you leave your chicken in the marinade for up to 24 hours.

However, if you choose to keep the chicken in the marinade beyond 24 hours, be aware that it may become too salty or acidic as the flavors continue to intensify due to prolonged contact with salt and other acid ingredients. For best results, check on your chicken periodically and adjust cooking times accordingly.

Additionally, always keep raw chicken refrigerated while it’s marinating. That way, you can be sure that your chicken is safe to eat and has had an adequate amount of time to soak up all the delicious flavors of the marinade.

I forgot to marinate the chicken thighs! Can i still make this?

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a disaster. You can still make your delicious marinated chicken thighs – it will just require a bit of extra effort and some quick thinking.

Start by making sure the chicken is as thoroughly thawed as possible before you begin cooking. This ensures that the flavors from any seasonings or sauces will penetrate the meat more evenly and deeply than if it was part-frozen or raw. You can also try using an injector syringe with marinade to add flavor directly into the meat or alternatively, create an impromptu sauce with butter, herbs, and other spices that can help bring out the flavor in your chicken.

Using high heat on the stovetop is another great way to help add flavor quickly. For example, you could sear the chicken in a skillet with some butter or oil until it’s browned on both sides and then finish cooking it in the oven at a lower temperature. This will help give your dish a crisp texture while also locking in all that juicy flavor!

Finally, don’t forget about the garnishes – adding fresh herbs, citrus zest, or even something like balsamic vinegar can help bring out all those subtle flavors from the marinade. Try experimenting with different combinations of spices and sauces until you find one that works for you. With a bit of extra effort and creativity, you can still make delicious marinated chicken thighs regardless of whether you remembered to pre-marinate them or not!

I need to make more chicken, should i double the marinade?

It is important to consider the proportions of a recipe when doubling ingredients; for example, if you are doubling a marinade for chicken, it might be necessary to adjust the amount of seasoning and oil. Additionally, food safety must be taken into consideration; depending on the type of meat and the duration of time that it has been marinating, doubling may increase the chances of bacteria growth.

To ensure proper taste and texture, as well as food safety, it is best practice to consult an expert such as a professional chef or reference credible cooking sources before doubling any marinade recipe. However in general, if you wish to double a marinade recipe it’s suggested to double all ingredients including seasonings and oil. Be sure to adjust the ratios of seasonings, salt and oil as needed to ensure that the flavor is balanced.

Finally, when doubling a marinade recipe, it may be helpful to double the cooking time to ensure that all ingredients are fully cooked and safe for consumption. As always, food safety should be taken into account to prevent any food borne illnesses. To summarize, if you wish to double a marinade recipe for chicken, it’s important to keep in mind the proportions of your ingredients, adjust seasoning and oil levels accordingly, increase cooking time and always follow food safety guidelines.

How to make frozen chicken thighs in the air fryer?

Frozen chicken thighs can be cooked in an air fryer to make a delicious and healthy meal. Simply place the frozen chicken thighs into the air fryer’s basket, making sure to not overcrowd it. Set the temperature to 350°F and cook for 18 minutes. Once done, take out the chicken and flip them over before setting the temperature to 400°F for an additional 5-7 minutes of cooking time. The end result should be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Enjoy your delicious frozen chicken thigh meal!

It is important to note that different models of air fryers may have various settings or temperatures, so always read your manual before beginning cooking. You may need to adjust times accordingly if needed.

Watch air fryer honey soy chicken thighs video:

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy dinner that the whole family will love, then look no further than this air fryer honey soy chicken thighs recipe! This dish is packed with flavor, containing all of the sweetness from the honey as well as salty-umami taste from the soy sauce. With only 8 ingredients and 30 minutes to prepare, this meal is quick enough for any busy weeknight but also tasty enough for even your pickiest eaters. Ready to get started? Let’s jump in!


Overall, the steps to cook air fryer honey soy chicken thighs are pretty simple. The key is to ensure that the chicken is properly coated in a mixture of cornstarch and egg white, as this will help it crisp up nicely in the air fryer. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to have delicious and crispy chicken thighs that everyone will love!



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