Air Fry Spiral Ham Recipe

Air Fry Spiral Ham

I get where you're coming from. You may be wondering whether or not it's possible to cook spiral ham in an air fryer? But why is that the case at all when it should be ready-made for you, right? Besides, what will we do with this thing if we pop it into the oven and have ourselves some leftovers tomorrow morning anyway?

I can't answer any of your questions about cooking techniques because I'm still trying to figure out how they work myself – but there must surely stand some merit on their side, given recent studies show these modern appliances add flavor while minimizing calories!

Air Fry Spiral Ham

Cooking ham in an air fryer is a time-saver. Cooking your spiral ham can be done simultaneously with other dishes that are being cooked in the oven or on top of stove burners. You'll save yourself from having to manage two different cooking devices, and you won't have to worry about whether it's going well because all you need for this method is one device: An Air Fryer!

Ham is a great cost-effective way to feed large groups of people. It doesn't go to waste because you can make delicious sandwiches the next day, and it's not as expensive or time-consuming when compared with other meats. After a long hard workday, most people don't want to wait two hours for ham so that they can have something yummy on their sandwich to keep up that good ol' American routine (of eating meat).

Cooking ham in an air fryer is the perfect solution for those of us who love ham but don't have much time! The warm-and-hot, crispy crust on your spiralized meat will convince you never to cook it any other way again. This quick-cooking technique cuts down on oven time while still delivering delicious and well-cooked results every single time.

Boneless vs. Bone-in vs Spiral:

What Is Boneless Ham?

Boneless ham is, quite simply, meat from the hindquarters of a pig that has been removed from the bone. It’s a piece of pork that looks like a ham leg and comes already cooked, ready to eat! Boneless ham is not cured or smoked. Besides, Boneless hams are very popular amongst consumers due to their ease of preparation. Boneless ham is typically used in various recipes, including salads, sandwiches, and pizza.

Boneless ham is cured with saltwater and then tightly packaged. There isn’t much fat on boneless ham, giving it a coarse texture, but it still has the same flavor as traditional ham. This kind of ham is usually made from pork legs, but some manufacturers will substitute other pig parts. Boneless hams are also sometimes referred to by their commercial name: Virginia style or Kentucky style hams.

This kind of ham was first introduced in 1939 with the introduction of Smithfield Boneless Ham. Boneless hams are typically milder than other types of ham due to the way they’re processed. However, you can still purchase a smoked variety for more flavor and texture. This type of ham is sometimes referred to as deli-style ham in grocery stores. This isn’t its official name but rather a colloquial way of naming it. Boneless hams are very popular amongst consumers due to their ease of preparation and a wide variety of uses.

What Is Bone-in Ham?

Bone-in ham is a cut of meat that contains the whole leg or shoulder bone, with most of the fat and skin attached and part of the hock (a pig’s ankle). Besides, Bone-in hams are also called Shank Hams because they include this portion of the pig’s leg. This type of ham is often sold in round, spiral, or shank shapes and includes both the upper thigh and bottom of the lower leg bones to make it easier for roasting. Also, Bone-in hams can either be fresh (raw) or cured (like prosciutto ).

What Is Bone-in Ham Used For? Bone-in ham is used as the main protein in soups, salads, and sandwiches. This type of ham is usually added to soup broths for flavor and then removed before serving. The hock can also be separated from the rest of the bone and boiled for additional broth or soup stock. This type of ham is can also be sliced and served in sandwiches or as the primary protein for lunch. Bone-in hams are usually boiled, grilled, or baked before serving to enhance the flavor. You can smoke it can before serving. Bone-in hams will keep refrigerated for up to six months.

What Is Spiral Ham?

The spiral ham is a delicacy around Easter, Christmas, and any other holiday that calls for a centerpiece. Spiral ham can be made boneless. Butchers typically create a spiral ham cut by slicing a bone-in ham into one big spiral shape. Not only does spiral bone-in ham have a natural and preserved fresh flavor – but it’s also a lot easier to cut because of the extra work done at the butcher’s block. Also, even though the bone is still there, you have clear cutting lines to follow while slicing.

How Is Spiral Ham Made? The Spiral ham process starts with a whole ham that has been completely deboned at the butcher’s block. Then, a spiral-cut ham is carved on a particular machine that takes off thin slices of meat from the bone using high-speed blades. Spiral ham preparation is as attractive as it appears to be. For your information – the Spiral CUT ham process maintains both the natural flavor and appearance of the ham, which makes Spiral hams delicious and appealing.

The Spiral CUT ham process reduces the risk of food-borne illnesses like listeria and E. coli caused by bacteria contaminating raw or processed meat. Spiral cut ham is considered to be safer than other processing measures because of its sterilization method. Besides, Spiral cut hams are pre-cooked in water baths, which help eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. Spiral cut ham preparation is also a lot safer for the consumer who might be at risk of cutting themselves on raw pork bones. So, Spiral hams are already deboned and thinly sliced – making Spiral CUT hams not only appealing but also safe for everyone to enjoy.

Spiral Ham in the Air Fryer

  • Time to prepare: 3 minutes
  • Time to cook: 25 minutes
  • Total Time: 28 minutes
  • Calories: 280 kcal
  • Servings: 10

Ingredients for Spiral Ham

  • 4 pounds Spiral Ham (thawed to room temperature) (pre-cooked).
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar.
  • 1 Glaze that was provided.
  • 2 tablespoon honey.
  • 2 teaspoon dry mustard.
  • 3 tablespoon orange juice or pineapple juice.

Instructions for Spiral Ham

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 280 degrees F.
  2. Wrap ham in foil, creating a seal with the seam facing outwards. This will make it easy to open for lunchtime sandwiches.
  3. You can chop the ham off the bone if it doesn't fit in your air fryer. Air fried the ham for 10 minutes at 340° F in the air fryer.
  4. The glaze for the ham is a mixture of apricot preserves, brown sugar, and red wine.
  5. Turn your ham upside down and glaze it all over.
  6. Cook for another 10 minutes at 340°F on the ham.
  7. Check that your ham is at least 165°F using a meat thermometer. Add extra time if your ham isn't heated enough.
  8. Serve with mashed potatoes, carrots, or just about anything else you can think of. Enjoy!

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